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Accounts Receivable

Designed for distributors, the Accounts Receivable system has all the necessary features to help you run a smooth accounts receivable operation.

M-ERP Account Receivable

Some of the features include:

An interactive invoice and adujustment entry with editing and batch balancing.

Automatic discount and due date calculation

Customer account inquiry that lets you examine current open items, payment histories, and current account summary aging.

The Accounts Receivable system helps you gain complete control over the flow of cash into your business. You will see a real savings in dollar and cents, because you can minimize the amount of bad-debt losses without significantly increasing your collections expenses. This system makes it easy for you to monitor slow-paying accounts and follow up with appropriate action.

Accounts Payable

M-ERP Account Payable

With M-ERP’s Accounts Payable program we created a system that can help solve all your disbursement management problems. You’ll see an improvement in every aspect of keeping your accounts up to date and in order.

Some of the features include:

Set up with an interactive voucher and adjustment entry with batch balancing, general ledger account validation, cash discounts and payemnt due dates.

Easily be interfaced with Purchasing, Inventory Control, and General Ledger to strengthen your control and make better use of your valuable time.

From processing to reporting to managing, you will have total control, and be thoroughly informed about all the exhausting variables that are associated with your many vendors.

General Ledger Software

The M-ERP’s  General Ledger system conforms to the demands of the very highest standards. We can offer you a complete system – to handle all your accounting functions… for any size business.

M-ERP General Ledger

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