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Accounts Receivable Software

Extensive order processing interface options

Our accounts receivable software module offers many customer features not found in other receivable accounts software packages. It is full-featured, customizable and extensible, making our software the perfect choice for your warehouse and distribution operations.

Accounts Receivable Software

Some of the features include:

Customer Information

  • Ship to addresses
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Sales tax cross referencing
  • Multiple sales tax authorities
  • Extensive order processing interface options
  • Multiple demographic fields
  • Extensive notes
  • Multiple demographic fields
  • Extensive notes
  • Maintenance billing database interface
  • Multiple sales people
  • Multiple currency support
  • Over 300 terms calculations
  • Dun & Bradstreet information
  • Multiple credit limit checks
  • Searches by Alpha Name, Words in Name, Zip Code, Phone Number
  • Credit Card by customer links
  • Finance charge parameters

Inquiry Information:

  • Aged open items
  • Collection information
  • Credit profile
  • Paid history by check number, invoice number or date
  • Customer text
  • Invoice, copy, display, print or fax interface

Cash Application:

  • Multiple application methods
  • Multiple customers to one check
  • Apply by invoice or order number or customer PO
  • Back into customer number by invoice, customer PO or order number
  • Automatically check cash discounts
  • Partial, overpayment or invoice clear with deductions application types
  • On account cash application
  • Process no A/R related payments
  • Tax deductions update taxing interfaces
  • Check and batch balancing
  • Multi currency support


  • Collection note entry

  • Collection note recall by date range by collector

  • Invoice copies faxed based upon user supplied parameters

  • Credit limits by dollar amounts

  • Credit hold based upon aging criteria


  • Multiple aged trial balances summary or detail

  • by Salesman

  • by Customer

  • by Branch

  • by Ship to

  • Optional collection information printed on trial balances

  • Customer statements

  • Sales tax deduction log

  • Customer labels

  • GL sub-ledger

Accounts Payable Software

A/P Software Especially for Warehouse and Distribution

Magnatron’s accounts payable software module offers many custom features not found in other accounts payable software packages. It is full-featured, customizable and extensible, making our software the perfect choice for your warehouse and distribution operations.

Accounts payable

Some of the features include:

Check Processing:

  • Check on demand with GL distributions
  • Checks generated for multiple bank accounts
  • Processing dependent on due/discount dates
  • Laser or matrix generated checks
  • EDI 820 Processing, ACH Processing
  • Buyer deduction to invoice notification
  • Gain or loss currency conversion
Accounts Payable

Entry Process:

  • Multiple bank account flexibility
  • Multi accounting period capability
  • Efficient searches to vendors and GL accounts
  • Vendor GL distribution learning
  • Recurring entries
  • Efficient on-line matching PO to receipt to invoice manual check distributions
  • Quick clear and void check entry
  • Buyer review for exceptions to PO – generated via online matching process
  • Use tax entry
  • Job costing interface
  • Multiple currency support

Extensive Inquiry:

  • Open voucher inquiry
  • Paid voucher inquiry
  • GL detail inquiry – See invoices that have been distributed to given account


  • Detailed aged trial balance
  • User defined aging brackets
  • Cash requirements
  • Ready to pay list
  • Outstanding check register
  • No action taken invoice variances
  • Vendor purchases
  • Vendor list
  • Vendor labels
  • 1099’s
  • Use tax reporting
  • General ledger account invoice listing
  • GL subsidiary ledger

General Ledger Software

General Ledger Software for Warehouse Distribution

Our General Ledger Software Module offers many custom features not found in other General Ledger Software packages. It is full-featured, customizable and extensible, making our General Ledger Software the perfect choice for your warehouse and distribution operations.

General Ledger

Some of the features include:

Chart of Account Structure Software:

  • 24 Byte account structure, 4 levels of prefix and 7 character major and 5 character minor account number
  • Supports up to 99 accounting periods per year
  • Accounts classified as (asset, liability, expense, revenue, or owners equity)
  • Account may be defined as standard distribution type where allocation are made by percentage
  • Budget generation to current year budget based upon prior year balances with likely percent change
  • Year end close may be run numerous times – brings asset, liability and owner’s equity accounts forward for beginning balance and rolls profit or loss to retained earnings


  • Journal entries posted on-line
  • Journal entries from other Magnatron software systems are accepted either immediately per batch or summarized from the subsystem from a sub-ledger
  • Recurring and reversing journal entries supported
  • Income Statement – Balance Sheet – Expense statement
  • User defined statement formatting (i.e. account summary consolidation, line control and totaling control)
  • Comparative statements to prior periods or budget
  • Consolidated Corporation or Company formatting and printing options
  • Statements may print summary or detailed account balance – Location detailed or summary
  • Statements may be run for any period or any year
  • GL drill down capabilities
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation

Reporting and Inquires:

  • GL trial balance with file generation for transfers to EXCEL
  • Chart of accounts
  • Statement layout summary
  • Budget worksheets
  • GL transactions by Journal
  • Account history – account number or account number range
  • GL account history merged with A/P check information
  • Standard and Reversing entries summary
  • GL account detail inquiry – details all transactions, balance summary displaying ending period balance or net change during period, linked to A/P check information