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M-ERP Supply Chain Software for Warehouse Distribution

M-ERP’s supply chain software is the key element that sets everything else in motion. From credit checking to shipping to billing and all points in between, M-ERP will be the backbone of your warehouse distribution business.

Order Entry

Supply Chain Software for Warehouse Distribution

Time saving, profit increasing software for wholesale distributors:

M-ERP’s supply chain software is the key element that sets everything else in motion. From credit checking to shipping to billing and all points in between, M-ERP’s Supply Chain Software will be the backbone of your warehouse distribution business.

Supply Chain Software for Warehouse Distribution Order Entry Screen

Robust Order Process:

  • Various item searches are available. For example, the searches include internal part number, manufacturer’s part number, item description, customer’s part number, product division and user defined search word.
  • Customer specific options include criteria, text, and notes.
  • Numerous order types are available. For instance; Regular, Consignment, Internal, WEB, Customer Inventory Software replenish system, EDI
  • Inventory quantities are displayed when a backorder or transfer situation arises.
  • Multiple inventory item types are supported . Such as, stock, non-stock, lot product, fixed bill of material, variable bill of material, kits, and two dimensional inventory. For example, conveyor belt.

Supply Chain Software for Warehouse Distribution - Belt Picture

Productivity Features

  • Credit checking is based upon credit amount and credit checking is based on A/R aging criteria.
  • Quotes can be cloned to orders or to other customers.
  • Lost sales may be tracked.
  • Forms can be laser based with overlays of company logo’s.
  • Interval shipments are automatically processed or the user is alerted to the pending release.
  • Optional interface to UPS WorldShip and Federal Express for out bound freight costs and tracking numbers is available.
  • The order history is linked via multiple search fields. 
  • Order tracking gives you the status of the order or order line.
  • Consolidated invoicing is generated in multiple sort sequences date range based. For instance, invoices for a week or months worth of packing slips.
  • Extensive pricing matrix available. 

Inventory Control

Inventory Control ERP for Warehouse and Distribution
M-ERP Supply Chain Software - Warehouse with Inventory

With M-ERP’s Inventroy Control system, you’ll have maximum control over inventory levels and costs, with stock information at your fingertips. The system is designed for time-saving efficiency so that you can see what you need to know about your inventory.

Some features inlcude:

Vendor Lists

Sales and Demand Histories

Price Changes

Item Availability

Bill of Materials Lists

Item Substitution

Management Reports

Open Backorders


Purchasing Management

Purchasing Management ERP for Warehouse and Distribution

You’ll be able to make smart purchasing decisions using M-ERP with all the information you need right in front of you. Our Purchasing System provides you with many easy purchasing options. Your company will have the advantage of selecting the best method for your products and customers.

M-ERP's Supply Chain Purchasing Screen

Here are some of the features:

Inventory level replenishment process

  • The nightly process suggests order quantities. The process evaluates the item on how to calculate the suggested order qauntity.
  • Forecasting is based upon either demand or sales history, average lead time, safety stock requirements and vendor reorder cycle.
  • Flagged vendors automatically generate purchase orders. After that, the orders are printed, faxed, emailed, or submitted to EDI during the nightly process.
  • Purchase Orders are consolidated for multiple branch locations. For instance, at the receipt time the inventory transfer is generated or is shipped directly to branch location.

Purchasing management aids

  • Acknowledgment processing is completed via manual entry or EDI.
  • Item statisitcs create the vendor score. For instance; number of items purchased, dollar value purchased, items received, items received past the requested ship date, items received damaged, and items shipped wrong.
  • Order inquiry details the status of a PO. For example; receipts against detail, invoiced against detail, acknowledgment information, and log of cost or quantity changes.
  • The shipment request process is used to generate a list of items for the vendor to review and then provide shipment dates.
  • The system provides matching for the receipt, PO, and invoice documents. As a result, it is extremely useful for closing month and year end processing.
  • PO expedite listings are either printed or emailed to the vendor.

Shopping Cart Application

Supply Chain Software for Warehouse Distribution

M-ERP E-Commerce allows your company to utilize the internet to not only expand your
customer base and enhance your customer relations, but to also improve existing sales
relationships, as well as, remove costs from the sales process and increase efficiency in the supply chain.

Some features include:

Shopping Cart Application Overview

  • Full featured shopping cart
  • Customer specific pricing
  • More than just e-mail inquiries
  • Multi-level item searches
  • Live link to Magnatron databases
  • Web accessed order traces
M-ERP's Supply Chain Software - Shopping Cart Application
Return on Investment

The ROI that our order entry management system provides is much more than monetary gains. Employees are able to focus on being productive and will be happier and more efficient. Your sales reps will be able to do their job better, making them happier and more efficient. Above all, customers will be more satisfied, leading to greater customer loyalty and retention.

The Shopping Cart Application system allows you to do both effectively, bridging the gap between your back-office and your customers, while greatly improving your bottom line.

To sum it up, the system does more than simply retain information. We made sure our system is a valuable management tool. You will have the right kind of decision making reports and histories to help make purchasing and sales decisions for the highest return on your investment.