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About Us

In 1982, Magnatron was founded with the initial development of a software solution for wholesale distributors and distribution operations.

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Some words from our President

“I would like to introduce to you Magnatron Enterprise Management Solutions. For over thirty years we have provided high value software solutions for the wholesale distribution industry at an affordable low cost. Our modules are extraordinarily flexible yet easy to use meeting your individual needs.
Magnatron software will improve the efficiency of your business processes and customer communication. Therefore leading to faster inventory turns and increased sales opportunities. From credit checking to shipping and all of the points in between, you will see that our system can be the back bone of your wholesale distribution industry.
Magnatron takes pride in providing various specialized services including system design, hardware configuration, and custom programming to meet your specific needs.
I would like to give you a free demonstration of our software system at your earliest convenience and discuss how our companies can mutually benefit from one another.”

Sincerely yours,

Thomas N. Cate
President, Magnatron Inc.

Magantron, Inc. has clients in over 28 states and Canada. They have allowed us to experience first hand different methods of operation. Therefore, we have developed a large network of diversified clients in the wholesale distribution arena.

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