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Magnatron Archive Report System

Manage reports in a faster manner:

Magnatron’s newest addition to our software package is an archive reporting system. This new feature allows you to run any number of reports without the need to print them. Each report will be converted to a PDF document and stored on the iSeries IFS. When the need to retrieve them, just pull up the list of archived reports and select the ones you want to view, print, email, or remove. If disk space is an issue, the documents are very small in size, plus you have the option to only archive the ones you want archived. And we have security built in so that you can select only the people you want to have access to the report archive, down to the report level.

E-Mail Interfaces

Order Quotation, Order Confirmation and Purchase Order

For Magnatron’s Distribution Software:

Magnatron has just implemented the ability to email Order Confirmations, Order Quotations, and Purchase Orders into the Magnatron Software package. You have the option of using the package version, or customizing the email per your requirements.

Email interface

UPS & Fed-Ex Modules

Order Processing to capture tracking numbers, weights, and shipping charges

UPS WorldShip © Integration and Federal Express Integration

Magnatron’s distribution business software has many specialized features and modules including integration with UPS WorldShip© which communicates document information such as address, requested ship method, purchase order and requisition and is linked to the WorldShip© via ODBC.
The database for the information that is generated by WorldShip© is integrated into Magnatron’s Order Processing to capture tracking numbers, weights, and shipping charges and is connected to the software via ODBC.

UPS Fedex

Application Service Provider

You CAN afford to have more efficient software

MAGNATRON, Inc. has added the ASP model to their distribution software offering.

The ASP model (Application Software Provider) facilitates the usage of the Magnatron Software system off of Magnatron’s servers via the internet, thus lowering your investment.

You CAN afford to have more efficient software! You can run off of our server and pay low monthly payments saving you thousands of dollars not having to buy your own. You can start small but think BIG!

guide magnatron logo

There are several forms of ASP business. These are:

  • A specialist or functional ASP delivers a single application, such as credit card payment processing or timesheet services;

  • A vertical market ASP delivers a solution package for a specific customer type, such as a dental practice;

  • An enterprise ASP delivers broad spectrum solutions;

  • A local ASP delivers small business services within a limited area.

The ASP model can be extremely appealing to businesses — especially small businesses and startups — because it can drastically lower the costs of software and services.

Barcoding Software

Handheld Computer Inventory Control (Barcode Software) Warehouse Management

Primary applications that have been developed utilizing radio frequency technology are as follows:

  • Receiving and stocking
  • Order picking
  • On-line inquiries
  • Item location maintenance
  • Order entry
  • Physical inventory
  • Bar Code printing
  • UPC cross referencing
Barcoding Software

Magnatron’s module for Radio Frequency Warehouse Inventory Control and BarCoding was designed to give the warehouse user information relevant to their job duties. This is a Warehouse Frequency Management System that is seamlessly integrated into the Magnatron Software. This module optimizes the flow of information and materials while increasing productivity and accuracy. It not only improves receiving, picking and shipping but the efficiency at the dock as well. Less paper, less mistakes, and you don’t have to have personnel sitting around all day keying in data. Shipping errors are significantly reduced, saving not only the cost of re-ships but it will also reduce the expense of issuing credits. With the cycle count feature you will increase the accuracy and confidence of your inventory counts. This Radio Frequency Inventory Control module enables you to easily access information such as inventory availability, receipt history, adjustment history, current allocations and open purchase orders. They are readily available at any time to the user. With the aid of the hand-held computer, the RF warehouse user can receive information on inventory items from anywhere in the warehouse, making them more efficient and saving you money!

Electronic Data Integration

Electronic communication for multiple businesses

Let us help you with that important merge. Or maybe you need to send files across the ocean.

Magnatrons Electronic Data Integration can help save you money by providing an alternative to, or replacing, information flows that require a great deal of human interaction and paper documents. Even when paper documents are maintained in parallel with EDI exchange, e.g. printed shipping manifests, electronic exchange and the use of data from that exchange reduces the handling costs of sorting, distributing, organizing, and searching paper documents. EDI and similar technologies allow a company to take advantage of the benefits of storing and manipulating data electronically without the cost of manual entry. Another advantage of EDI is the opportunity to reduce or eliminate manual data entry errors, such as shipping and billing errors, because EDI eliminates the need to rekey documents on the destination side. One very important advantage of EDI over paper documents is the speed in which the trading partner receives and incorporates the information into their system thus greatly reducing cycle times. For this reason, EDI can be an important component of just-in-time production systems.

Here are some of the many features:

Vendor based transaction sets supported:

  • 810 – Vendor Invoice

  • 820 – Vendor payment with or without funds transfer

  • 850 – Purchase Order

  • 855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgment

  • 867 – Point of Sale information

Customer based transaction sets supported:

  • 810 – Customer Invoice

  • 830 – Planning Schedule

  • 850 – Purchase Order

  • 855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgment

  • 856 – Advanced Ship Notice

  • 860 – Purchase Order Change Request