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Welcome to M-ERP

Magnatron’s ERP Software Solution for Warehouse Distribution

M-ERP warehouse distribution software is specifically designed for wholesale distributors and warehouse facilities, our software offers a solution custom-developed for your specific needs. For 41 years we’ve focused solely on providing custom software solutions for the way you do business. Though originally written for multi-branch wholesalers with many different departments and divisions, we provide intuitive software for large and small operations. We’ve built-in capabilities to our software that make your work day more productive and streamlined the processes. In fact, from one work station you have full control over all of your warehousing and distribution operations.

Web Based Order Systems

Magnatron E-Commerce allows your company to utilize the internet to not only expand your customer base and Enhance your customer relations, but to also improve existing sales relationships, Remove costs from the sales process and increase efficiency in the supply chain.


2020 Cabinet Design Software Interface

Quick entry orders can be migrated into the Magnatron distribution system via a seamless interface. Four different types of orders may be generated via the interface: Lump sum priced, Lump sum priced, subject to Use tax, Package priced order, and regular per cabinet priced order.

Inventory Control Software

Our Inventory Control Software Module offers many custom features not found in other Inventory Control Software packages. It’s full-featured, customizable and extensible, making it the perfect choice for your warehouse and distribution operations.

Electronic Data Integration

By moving from a paper-based exchange of business document to one that is electronic, businesses enjoy major benefits such as reduced cost, increased processing speed, reduced errors and improved relationships with business partners.

Conveyor Belt Software

Magnatron’s Belting Module allows for fixed or variable belt assemblies. The assemblies can have components such as lacing, v-guide, vulcanization, cleats or labor. You will have the ability to add additional items to an assembly and be able to make changes at any time of the work order.

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Application Service Provider

The ASP model (Application Software Provider) facilitates the usage of the Magnatron Software system off of Magnatron’s servers via the internet, thus lowering your investment.

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