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P.O. Box 32534, Knoxville, TN 37930
(865) 769-2622

Magnatron is always here to provide solutions or answer questions. Our customers feel good about calling us because they know we want to help! They appreciate our friendliness and total customer courtesy.

Customer Support

Our support assures you the following:

  • Online user support

  • Hotline help in seconds, your people save time

  • User tips, you get more out of your system

  • Expert trouble shooting by MAGNATRON’s staff

  • Immediate answers to tough hardware questions

  • Web conferencing and training

As a member of the IBM Family of Business Partners, we have the capability to answer any kind of tough hardware questions. But that is just the beginning of our superior Support Services. The IBM iSeries server has a unique advantage in the Electronic Customer Support Program, which lets the system define problems and gives the correct solution. You will be having an immediate answer! Another big plus for you will be your having online access to other IBM customers who can offer you tips and suggestions to further enhance your system.

It’s not how satisfied you keep your customers; it is how many satisfied and profitable customers you keep! With today’s constantly advancing technology, customers are demanding higher and higher service levels. They want results now, if not sooner. MAGNATRON gives you the power to service their needs with instant access to your vital customer service information, thereby increasing customer retention and profits. In a perfect world, software would exist in a trouble-free environment. Because we are realists, MAGNATRON knows that software without user support is of little value. That’s why, once our system is installed we are like old friends – – just a phone call away whenever you need us. We do not just talk to our customers: we listen.

Naturally, because our design is not static, we will continually provide updates with our new software releases of the new features as well as necessary training making use of them.

Let’s face it; Support Services are vital to a smooth, effective system. That is why we are committed to providing you with all of the help that you need – – when you need it!