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Time saving, profit increasing software for wholesale distributors:

Magnatron Web Based Order Entry allows your company to utilize the internet to not only expand your customer base and Enhance your customer relations, but to also improve existing sales relationships, Remove costs from the sales process and increase efficiency in the supply chain.
Web Based Order Entry

Some features include:

  • Full featured shopping cart

  • Customer specific pricing

  • More than just e-mail inquiries

  • Multi-level item searches

  • Live link to Magnatron databases

  • Web accessed order traces

The ROI (Return on Investment) that an order entry management system provides is much more than monetary gains. Your employees are able to focus on being productive and will be happier and more efficient. Your sales reps will be able to do their job better, making them happier and more efficient. Your customers will be happier and more satisfied, leading to greater customer loyalty and retention. It is far less costly to keep a customer than it is to find new ones.

A web based order entry management system allows you to do both effectively, bridging the gap between your back-office and your customers, while greatly improving your bottom line.

Return on Investment