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MAGNATRON, Inc. has added the ASP model to their distribution software offering.

The ASP model (Application Software Provider) facilitates the usage of the Magnatron Software system off of Magnatron’s servers via the internet, thus lowering your investment.

You CAN afford to have more efficient software with our Application Software Provider! You can run off of our server and pay low monthly payments saving you thousands of dollars not having to buy your own. You can start small but think BIG!

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There are several forms of ASP business. These are:

  • A specialist or functional Application Software Provider delivers a single application, such as credit card payment processing or timesheet services;

  • A vertical market ASP delivers a solution package for a specific customer type, such as a dental practice;

  • An enterprise Application Software Provider delivers broad spectrum solutions;

  • A local ASP delivers small business services within a limited area.

The ASP model can be extremely appealing to businesses — especially small businesses and startups — because it can drastically lower the costs of software and services.