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Our Inventory Control Software Module offers many custom features not found in other Inventory Control Software packages. It’s full-featured, customizable and extensible, making it the perfect choice for your warehouse and distribution operations.

Here are some of the many features:

Master file overview

  • Internal item number 15 alphanumeric
  • Manufacture’s part number 25 alphanumeric
  • UPC and vendor EDP code
  • Description 30 characters with unlimited extended description
  • Serial number 20 characters
  • Lot number internal 5 numeric external 15 alpha numeric
  • Costs tracked Average, replacement, next, last cost, last cost alternate currency (all 5 decimal precision) and bracket costing by vendor FIFO
  • Selling prices (4 decimal precision) base from item master and bracket by customer type or quantity
  • Multiple inventory item locations with warehouse tracked
  • Substitute, Follow on, equivalent, MSDS sheet, and Core charge cross references
  • DOT hazardous material descriptions, class, exemptions
  • Bill of material list
  • Items classified as stock, non-stock, lot product, miscellaneous, and two dimensional
  • Multiple UOM cross reference
  • Items inventoried at (either 0 or 2 decimal precision)
  • Allocation based system (i.e. calculated inventory quantity available)

Processing Features

  • Adjustment processing (quantity or cost adjustments tied to General Ledger accounts)
  • Inventory receiving – linked to purchase order or inventory transfer document calculates average lead time
  • Inventory receipts automatically generate picking tickets for covering backorders. Pick and hold tickets are generated for items involved with customer orders not fully allocated. Consider complete option available
  • Landed costing for imported items
  • Branch transfer process (one to one or one to many)
  • Back out receipt for receipt reversal allowed for purchase orders and transfers
  • New item review will allow the inventory manager to review new items for sales trends and if not moving will generate a vendor return or transfer to a branch location that is moving the item
  • Inventory inquiry gives the user the ability to view volumes of information pertaining to the inventory item. Such as: Sales History Detailed, Sales History summarized, Demand history summarized, Open Orders, Receipt History, Purchase History, Price and Costing Information, Bill of Material list and much more
  • Lot product inquiry displays current lot quantities, lot sales history…for handling recalls, and scraping history
  • Intra part number transfer allows user to transfer quantities and history from one part to another
  • Manufacturing process transfer i.e. internal process to manufacture item from component inventories
  • Vendor merchandise return allows inventory personnel to enter and print document to return inventory back to vendor…generates a debit to account payable optionally
  • Mass price updating from vendor databases
  • Physical inventory count sheets and entry process
  • Lost sales inquiry view date, by vendor items where sales were lost for various reasons user can increase demand history for the item if inclined
  • Staged inventory location processing.

Management Reports Generated

  • Summary Dead & Slow Inventory Rankings – ranks vendor lines in worst to best shape
  • Detailed Dead and Slow inventory listings by vendor or by buyer
  • Customer Dead and Slow inventory report lists contracted items that have become dead or slow
  • Turn & Earn reporting by manufacture or inventory product division
  • On hand inventory evaluations
  • Aged inventory value
  • ABC Rankings
  • Non-Stock Sales Report – utilized to view non-stock sales to evaluate whether to add to inventory
  • Item sales by vendor drop-shipped vs. out of inventory.